Our Creations

We know that the colour of tile can be just as important as the shape of the pool. The curve of a railing should be pleasing to the eye and the finish of a tile smooth to the touch. So we offer you a really extensive range of pool finishes to ensure your pool creates the precise look you want to achieve and fits your home and lifestyle beautifully. We also offer a comprehensive range of lighting options and will introduce you to some features you may not have considered such as a waterfall or pool seats – the finishing touches that customise your pool and make it distinctively yours. As part of our pool design services we can take you through the options to create your dream pool, including:
Shape: from classic styles to bespoke designs
• Tiling: from traditional and natural styles to modern.
• Lighting: from sleek and simple to striking and atmospheric
• Steps: from softly integrated steps to bold focal points
• Seating: from built-in areas to individual stools