Economy Swimming Pools Kenya

Warm welcome to Economy Swimming Pools .We specialise in construction , design and maintenance of swimming pools and pool refurbishment in Nairobi and in Kenya, in general. Our construction principles are as for permanent installations and built to BS8007, the Code of Practise for construction of Water Retaining Structures. We work with the Civil Engineer throught the project to ensure quality. We specialise in swimming pools built with reinforced concrete Retaining Walls /revetments which last longer, as opposed to hollow block pools , that are cheaper in construction but have much shorter lifespan. Our quotes are for all soils,stable soils and agressive soils.

We offer the highest quality workmanship at fair price without compromising quality and structural integrity. Our pool structure is guaranteed for 40 years. We adhere to International Amateur Swimming and Diving Federation (FINA) standards in construction. We will work closely with you to meet your specifications, consulting with you for every step of the way, from the initial design stage to the completion of the project. We use the highest quality materials that are inert, stable, non-toxic, water-tight and enduring, to produce top quality. We create luxury pools with features that uniquely complement your home aesthetics to holiday ambience


Our Distinction >>

* Quality:- A reinforced concrete skeleton for the pool retaining wall / revetment is always the strongest pool structure.
* Price :- Our prices are the most competitive , without compromising quality.Our quote cuts through all types of soils-red soils,clay,black cotton, sandy soils e.t.c and has no hidden charges for any collateral jobs done along the project.
* Pool:- With inlet nozzles, skimmers, drainage grating, ladder with recessed steps and slip-resistant stairs and stainless wall hand rails.
* Building a wading pool for under-age children (if need be),
* Building a pool equipment room with luvred air-intake,
* for water recirculation, Installing to your pool durable self priming pump able to turn over the water in 8 hours, automated chlorinator (for disinfecting the pool water), filter with influent pressure gauge, backwash sight glass , air-relief valve,and other appurtenances,

After completion of the above we shall provide you with ;-
* vacuum cleaner for walls and pool floor,
* leaf-rake for scooping any litter visible in the pool,
* safety instructions on a signboard (if so required),
* Floor brush
* manual for cleaning with maintenance guidelines of all pool equipment, parts list, applicable codes, illustration charts, operating instructions showing bacteriological quality standard, algae & pH control, and other routine operations.
* Initial chemicals for ensuring your pool hygiene.

After the pool is complete, we offer freely , on request,
* Steel grill fencing off the pool for safety of young kids,
* We train a pool attendant for you
We aim to go above and beyond your expectations.

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